Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Stories: Happily Ever After...

This is a story I wrote a looong time ago. I was trying to incorporate all of the fairy tales/stories I could remember into one. It was also the inspiration for a story I wrote afterwards called One Day which I'll be posting soon.

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time a man married a woman. The man's name was Romeo, the woman's, Juliet. They had a little baby girl and they named her Snow White. When the baby was a month old, the big bad wolf stomped into the house and said that unless they could guess his real name he would take the baby.

Juliet cried when she heard this until seven dwarfs* peeked their heads around the door and offered to find him and try to guess his name. Juliet agreed and the seven dwarfs set off in seven directions. The seventh dwarf finally found the big bad wolf dancing around a fire and singing his name at the top of his voice.


The dwarf hurried back and told Juliet and Juliet told Rumpelstiltskin his name. The big bad wolf was so angry he ran off to Grandma's house and ate her up. Then, little Red Riding Hood knocked on the door and would have been eaten too if a woodcutter who was looking for his lost children hadn't heard her screams. 

He rescued her just in time and then set off to a tower where a wicked witch was holding Hansel and Gretel captive. He rescued them by having Gretel cut her long hair and tying it to the window. They rode off on the horse of a knight who at that moment was making his way through a forest of thorns to waken a sleeping princess in a tower. When he kissed her the forest of thorns vanished, much to the annoyance of some bunnies who were gathering blackberries to have with milk.

And they all (even the bunnies) lived happily ever after.

*This was before I read LOTR and decided that dwarves was the proper way to spell it.



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