Friday, November 9, 2012

Breaking News: Lauren Attempts to be Funny, Fails

The Internet -  once upon a time on the internet there was a blogger who was supposed to be working on her NaNoWriMo novel. But instead she had an idea to write a post entirely in the third person (she justified this decision by pretending she was practicing for her fictional autobiography).

When asked why she was procrastinating, the blogger replied (quote) "Ummm..." (unquote).

When further questioned the blogger admitted that she was pursuing inspiration down the paths it led.

The blogger then began typing furiously on her iPad 1, utilizing the Blogger app (which, by the way, needs a preview button.)

The blogger, who was identified as Lauren Shearer, and who wishes to remain anonymous, refused further comment, declaring that this interview was "distracting" and "annoying."

Subsequently this reporter caught up with the blogger's family; unfortunately, they also declined to comment on the situation. Updates will be added as this site learns more.

Update: blogger now writing phony updates.

Update: nothing new to report.

Update: what do you guys think about writing about yourself in third person? It's very awkward, but it's necessary when writing bios. I need to write a third person bio. Although until I actually accomplish something that's kind of hard to do. Lauren is a person... who... um... does stuff.

Update: okay, okay, back to NaNoWriMo.


  1. Love the approach. Writing a third-person bio is interesting. When it came time to do mine, I took the approach of writing it from my wife's point of view. Felt more natural that way. I left out the part about neglecting her for hours on end while I write though. ;-)



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