Monday, May 5, 2014

Shearer Girls Discuss | The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Look at this poster upside down
and it will blow your mind.
Spider-Man was the first comic book hero I ever read about. The Sunday paper had a limited edition print run of the original Spider-Man comics, so that's what we read every Sunday afternoon. It was the beginning of my introduction to the superheroic world of comics (and probably the most basic reason I prefer Marvel heroes to those from DC.)

Spider-Man is just an awesome character. So many terrible things happen to him, but he always chooses to do the right thing, selflessly. He fights crime because he knows its the right thing to do, not for revenge or fame or glory.

Wealth and fame he's ignored; action is his reward.

I enjoyed the Sam Raimi adaptations a lot because he got so many things about the character right. Also, Sam Raimi's movies were just a lot of fun, very lighthearted and "comic booky," but deep when they needed to be. They were excellent adaptations of the original comics.

So when they decided to reboot the character I was... kind of mad. They'd already made three perfectly good movies. The only reason to reboot it at that point was for two reasons: to retain the rights, and therefore to profit off the character.

It was no longer about Spider-Man as a character; it was about Spider-Man as an asset, as a good to sell to movie consumers. At that point it just felt like Sony was simply using the character's popularity in an attempt to make more money.

Fast forward to today. In anticipation of the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 I decided to write, shoot, & post a video review of the first Amazing Spider-Man movie. The only way to adequately express my supreme disappointment with that movie was by writing a snarky and humorous review using skits and wigs and lots of cool sound effects. My awesome sisters were my co-reviewers and actors.

Here is Part 1, covering Peter Parker's gang activity and Uncle Ben's death.

Part 2, covering everything from Stan Lee, Rodrigo, and J. Jonah Jameson to promises, cameos, and ending scenes.

In case you're wondering, this weekend we went and saw Cap 2 (a highly superior movie, which I may review at a later date) in order to effectively boycott the release of TASM2. Just doing my part to discourage the continuation of a franchise that was so desperate to make money that it partnered with the United States Postal Service in order to promote the movie.

Seriously, Sony. Let it go. Let it go! Don't hold onto Spider-Man anymore.

Maguire never bothered me, anyway.

- your friendly neighborhood Spider-fan

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