Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Isn't It Lovely?

Well, yesterday I promised to post a picture of The Blotter, and here it is.

Lovely, isn't it? Lindsey, a talented artist and one of my very good friends, painted the picture that was used for the cover.

So what is The Blotter? It's a journal of collected stories and poems that were all written by the members of the writing group that I'm a part of.

Why is it called The Blotter? Because our group is called The Inkblot Society (not to be confused with these Inkblots.)

We have three featured works this edition; Bethany contributed a short story, Doug Hayes contributed a poem, and I contributed a poem which I've previously posted on this blog (Death of a Maple Leaf.)

I don't know if I can exactly say that I'm a "published author" now, since strictly speaking the journal is not "for sale" - I think it's more of a "suggested donation." (my, what a lot of quotation marks)

But it's still exciting to see my name in print. I believe the journal will only be for sale locally, although personally I'd like to see it online someday. Maybe an e-zine type thing, you know.

Also, it's kind of a coincidence that when I opened my dashboard today I saw this post by Leslie Rose. She has contributed a story to a short story anthology that is now for sale. It's currently $0.99 on Amazon. Go check it out!

Remember what it's like the first time you saw your name in print? Still looking forward to that day? Ever been part of a writing group or contributed to an anthology? 


  1. Oh! So lovely! You must be so proud! Congratulations!

    I'm still looking forward to the name my name is in print 8-D And yes, I am part of a writing group, ours is called the Inklings. Writing groups are such fun!

  2. Jack - thank you!

    Inklings... "Ink" must be a common theme. Writing groups are a lot of fun. ;)

    Bethany - I know! :D

  3. Thank you so much for the mention, Lauren. It is surreal isn't it to see your name out there? Congrats to you and the rest of the Inkblot Society. (Great name.)

  4. Leslie - yes, it is quite surreal. :)



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