Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Teaser Tuesdays: The Help

This post is for Teaser Tuesdays, a weekly event from the blog Should Be Reading.

The Help has been languishing on my nightstand for over a month. Now that my classes are finished and I have a little more time I've decided to pick it up.

Most of you have probably already read it, so this won't be much of a "teaser" but for those of you who haven't, here it is:
"Baby Girl, she looking at the door her daddy slammed, she looking at her mama frowning down at her. My baby, she swallowing it back, like she trying real hard not to cry. I rush past Miss Leefolt, pick Baby Girl up."
 This is the section that's in Aibileene's point of view. I love the relationship between Aibileene and the baby, Mae Mobley. So far I'm about six chapters in and really enjoying the book.

And hey! I'm studying for the US History II CLEP right now, which covers 1865 to the present. So since The Help is set in the 1960's, reading it counts as studying, right?

Have you read The Help? Do you have a book that's been languishing on your nightstand? What are you currently reading?


  1. I really enjoyed that book. I have several books of my own that are just sitting around waiting to be read. I've been going to the library, though, so the books in my pile will probably be waiting for a while. :)

    Right now I'm reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

  2. LOL! If you want to count that as studying....sounds good to me. I have read this one. It was a favorite with my book club.
    My Teaser

  3. I've had this one on my bookshelf for over a year! I feel guilty. And guess I should read it soon... Nice teaser!

    If you'd like, you can check out mine here.

  4. Dana - I've avoided picking up any new books at the library until I get through the monstrous stack in my TBR pile. Now I think I'm finally getting through them! ;)

    Kim - Yes! It's historical fiction - close enough, right?

    Cecelia - A year! Oh my. :) I'm on the waiting list at the library for the new movie, so one of my motivations was to finish the book before I watch it.

  5. I actually haven't read this one yet, but it's definitely on my TBR. I want to read it before I see the movie, though, so I'll probably end up listening to the audio. :P

    Thanks for sharing & for stopping by my teaser!

  6. Jen - The audiobook would be interesting to listen to, what with it being written in dialect. :)

  7. hahahah. Yup your studying alright =D Great teaser. I have yet to read the novel. However I love the movie =D

  8. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who has yet to read this book. I need it, it sounds so good. I want to see the movie too.

    Oh, and I have a ton of books on my nightstand. I sometimes think I'll never get to them all. Sad thought.

  9. Ah, I loved The Help! The movie was pretty good too . .


  10. I've never read (or seen) that one but it sounds really interesting! I have so many books waiting to be read!

  11. I just loved this book!!! I'm pretty sure after another few chapters into it, you won't be able to put it down. They did a good job with the movie, but the book has so much more in it.

  12. YES! I read the book and scene the movie. LOVED them both! I'm currently reading Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

  13. Book Monster - opposite here! Have yet to see the movie, loved the novel!

    Jack - I felt that way too! Peer pressure... lol :)

    Lidja - I really want to see the movie, now. :)

    Nikki - I know, I'm finally trying to tackle my TBR stack.

    Margo - you're right, I wasn't able to put it down!

    Jenn - I've never heard of Wednesday Wars. So of course I went to look it up. It sounds like a fun book! :)

  14. Ooh, I loved this book. I read it in one long sitting, and it was soooo great.

    Graceling has been sitting on my TBR shelf (er, Window ledge) for over a month. Maybe I'll get to it this year. Maybe.

  15. Daisy - I read it over the course of a couple days. It was an amazing book. :)



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