Friday, June 19, 2015

Accidental Photoshop Practice

Right now there is a cat sleeping under my desk. Every time I stretch out my foot I kick something warm and furry and, occasionally, moist.

Last week at the beach I took some photos. That is a slight understatement. I took a lot of photos. But a good deal of them did not turn out, and a good deal of those were on a card that was tragically wiped accidentally at the last minute.

A happier accident is that some of the beach photos survived. Much to my surprise, I shot them in raw, a format which I should be using but (#storyofmylife) I am afraid to do much with. While mourning the loss of my other, safe, jpeg photos I came across these and decided to make them look nice in Photoshop (which I also barely know how to use) and post them on the internet. As you can see, my coloring still needs some work.

I played around with framing a lot last week. I'm trying to move beyond my amateur point-and-shoot mindset to find tighter, sharper, and more interesting angles. As you go through them, though, you can see patterns where I tried the same idea over and over again. The following pictures aren't my most confident work. More like a sample of my work-in-progress.

"Stop! Don't move! Let me take your picture!"
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