Wednesday, July 25, 2012

5 Reasons You May Have Lost Followers & Why You Shouldn't Be (Too) Upset

Why, hello everyone! I'm back from a week in lovely green Moscow, Idaho (pictured above) attending the Christ Church summer music camp (not pictured above). I have some pictures I'd like to show you and anecdotes I'd like to share, but not today. You see, there's this thing I forgot to tell you.

I wrote a guest post for Arlee Bird's blog Tossing It Out last Wednesday. Yes, I know, I'm only getting to it now. Not a very good guest poster am I.

But I couldn't really schedule one in advance, and I didn't bring my computer to Idaho, and... and.... Pick your excuse. In any case, here's the link: Another Take On the Topic of Blog Followers (or 5 Reasons You May Have Lost Followers and Why You Shouldn't Be (Too) Upset).

I was a little nervous about posting it because - well, I was afraid people would think "ah, she's had lots of experience with people unfollowing her - she must be a loser!"

Which would actually fall into numero dos of my points in the actual post.... hmmm. Anyway, happy reading, and I apologize to Lee for getting the word out so late.

Next time I post I'll tell y'all about Idaho. And I promise not to follow this format:

  • Here's a picture.
  • This is what I did when I took the picture.
  • Here's a picture taken within five minutes of the previous picture.
  • This is what I thought when I took the picture.
  • Here's a blurry picture of a famous monument.

You get the drift. I'll try to be a little more entertaining than that. :)

Until then, my readers.

Been travelling this summer? Wrote a post about it (leave me a link!)? Ever been unfollowed? Go leave lots of late comments on my post, and on Arlee Bird's other guest posts as well!


  1. I'm terrible at knowing the numbers for my followers, so I don't tend to notice when I lose people - which I'm sure I have. :) You made some great points over at Lee's!

  2. Welcome back, Lauren! Your absence has been noted, girl. :-)

    Yep, I've been un-followed and I've been the unfollow-e (yes, I realize that is NOT a word *grin*). From my perspective, usually when I've stopped following other's blogs, it isn't anything personal, it has been because I don't feel like the blogger cares about my participation or they aren't very active in Blogger. As a result, when I stop following blogs, it is because I need to "weed out" my dashboard and I don't want to eliminate any of the bloggers who I have gotten to know and consider "friends." Either way, you shouldn't take it personally if you have stopped following blogs too.

  3. Enjoyed your post over at Lee's place. Great info and food for thought! No travels yet this summer, hoping to soon though.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Popping over to Lee's blog. Gorgeous picture. More please.

  5. Welcome back!
    When I saw Moscow I went, "SHE WAS IN RUSSIA?!" If you had been you probably would have found me in your suitcase. I want to go see that forest in Russia that was knocked flat by a comment, but which Tesla thought he did. I hope he never found out he didn't do it, that would be a bit disappointing for him...

    Anyways, welcome back again 8-D

  6. I don't take many pictures as I'm not the best photographer. I do enjoy looking at other people's though :-) As for followers, my numbers bounce up and down. If I lost them en masse, I'd be worried in case there was some major issue which I was unaware of, but one or two - well, life's too short to be hung up on that sort of thing. And if my blog doesn't interest someone, then they should move on, and I don't take it to heart.



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