The Twelve Worlds (working title)

4800 / 70000 words

Premise: sometime in the future its been discovered that there is intelligent life on all nine planets in the solar system (yes, Pluto included) and on three satellites. Representatives from all twelve inhabited worlds are gathering on an enormous space ship for the very first inter-planetary peace conference. During the conference, a young detective named Simon King is hired by his friend and mentor, Martin Shaw, to track down the wanted rebel, Hugh Allen, who is also on board the space ship. However, what no one at the conference realizes is that an even bigger threat is in their midst.

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The Twelve Worlds
Advice Needed: Fictional Names & Real Names

Coming  (working title) - first draft half-finished during NaNoWriMo.

27774 / 50000 words.

Premise: It's been two years since psychology student Finn Fremont defeated Emeric the Immovable, the tyrannical, near-invincible super villain. Finn managed to bury Emeric hundreds of feet below the city with nothing but words, and ever since that fateful day the question on everyone's minds has been: how did he do it?

But Finn, refusing to divulge his secret, has other problems on his mind. He may have saved Griffin City from imminent destruction, but he still has trouble finding a job and living a normal life. So when the Griffin City board of Psychologists offer him work at one of their clinics, he jumps at the chance to start his career and leave the Emeric episode of his life behind.

But it's not the end. Strange things begin to happen in the city and Finn is plagued with terrible nightmares. Unrest grows when everyone begins to suspect that Emeric was not truly defeated -- and, in fact, he may be coming back.

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NaNoWriMo is Probably Going to Kill My Wrists

Lima Sierra Johansen (untitled)

4 / 12 stories

Premise: a girl with a special power must face a mysterious antagonist and her own fears and doubts.
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