Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Random Pictures from the Library

I know, I know. First the kitten post and then this. 

I'm setting myself up to be that old cat lady librarian. Give me just a second while I go finish crocheting that light socket plug cover....

Above is the holds section. It's where (obviously) the holds are shelved. Someone's reserved a pretty pink book. 

This is the children's section (note the Dr. Seuss poster). The reason the picture is so blurry is that I didn't want to look like I was stalking the little kids or anything, so I took the picture fast.

I think this is my favorite picture, even if it is a little backlit. 

It's the large print section, Ca through Eng.

This is the blurriest picture because, well, this is the dreaded CD section.

See how all the CD's are on racks? Yeah, that may work for stores, but when you have multiple CD's, from A-Z, being picked up and put back by hundreds of people, and being replaced daily by library shelvers....

It's not good.

To normal people the CD section looks like it does above (only less blurry), but to library shelvers the CD section looks more like this:

Can't you see that as the cover for a horror film? How about CD's on Racks: The Rising. Cue the creepy music, then cut to the innocent shelver.... mwahahahaha.

And of course, this post would not be complete without a picture of my cat. This is Sherlock, sleeping on my lap as I type this.

Now I'm off to crochet another doily - I mean, ride a motorcycle. Yeah, that's what I meant.

In other news:

You voted, she drew it! Ava's sketch is now in color.

Do you love your local library? What's your favorite section?


  1. Great pictures! I love the library. I'm not sure I have a favorite section, but the ones I go to most often are New Fiction and New Nonfiction.

    I can totally see that picture as the cover for a horror film. :)

    1. Oh, yes, I love the new books section. I find a lot of great books there. :)

  2. Hello by here for the first time around on the web in this part of the blogosphere foreign to me, some day. I think I understand that in your part of the course is a race of posts that have in common a letter of the alphabet. Yours is the R of random ... well, basically I have got here by chance-you will vote for sympathy but maybe my vote will be invalid because it comes from far away. To your question on affection towards my local library will answer that in Italy they are quite rare and there are beautiful and ancient city national libraries, that of my city is located in the historic center in Via Vittorio Emanuele, a highway in the seventeenth century. Generally I prefer to attend the library, I feel more at ease and I can choose between the new books quietly. How could I call myself an omnivorous reader, but I prefer fiction and history books. Are you a biker? Or maybe, or misunderstood?

    1. That sounds lovely. We don't have ancient libraries here in the States. No, I'm not a biker. That was just a joke... :)



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