Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Artist, His Friend, and the V8 Drinker

This afternoon while shelving in the fiction section I came across two guys sitting at one of the tables by the window. The first one was (or at least aspired to be) an artist. He was dark, looked almost Indian, although he sounded distinctly American (and by Indian I mean actually from India) and had a sketchbook full of drawings that he was showing to his friend. The friend was fair skinned and had a close buzz cut. He was telling the artist (in a very low voice) about his troubles with his girlfriend. The artist listened sympathetically the entire time. After the friend finished his story, they began discussing the artist's sketches again. (Something which I think the artist was very eager to resume).The artist showed his friend a sketch that he wanted to frame. After I heard this I had to move on.

Across from them, at another table, two girls were sitting. They had laptops, lots of books and papers, and were talking in another language. The girl who was wearing a pink jacket had an enormous bottle of V8 Splash that she was sipping from. I mean enormous. I couldn't believe she was drinking that large bottle all by herself. I believe they were both college students.

I also came across a man who asked me where the Lightning Thief series was. (I didn't tell him it was actually called the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series.) Since I'd just finished reading the series, I was able to lead him straight to the Rick Riordan section. I felt like such a professional.

Or maybe I'm just turning into a librarian...

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