Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Follow Me on Bloglovin'?

Since Google Friend Connect is (apparently) going away tomorrow, I decided to see what Bloglovin's all about.

So, just so you know, you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin.

I mean, you could before, but you can do it now too, if you want.

What is Bloglovin'? Well, I don't exactly know yet. Other than the fact that it's a way to read and follow blogs, and that they intentionally dropped their 'g'.

To claim my blog I had to write a post and insert the above link. It follows that the post will be about Bloglovin.

Neat way to advertise, I think.


  1. Is it going away for everyone, or just for non-Blogger sites?

    1. it is just for non-bloggers!!

    2. Yeah, looks like it. That's nice!

  2. I hear tell that GFC is only disappearing for non-Blogger blogs but then I've heard the opposite as well (that all blogs are losing that option). Needless to say I am at a loss for which is right but whatever the case, we'll find out soon. =)

    Glad you are on BlogLovin' - next time I log in, I'll have to follow you. =)

    There's your answers! FTW!



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